Joining courses is supposed to bring you into a community of like minded creatives, and give you the tools you need to see a difference in your business!

My goal is to build you up, be honest about the mistakes that I have made in my business, and show you how to by pass them!

We are on this journey together, and I will be by your side as you learn new & unique ways to serve your clients & yourself.


As a mom of 2 from Central Pennsylvania I decided to start working with other photographers so that they can see the same success that I have!

When I'm not scribbling down my next ideas to send your way I'm normally editing a wedding, mom-dancing with my kids, or grabbing Starbucks (more than I should be!)

MEP started in 2015 when my daughter was turning 1. I bought a camera that I didn't know how to use, started college to focus on photography (which was an expensive mistake), and started working with any family that would let me take pictures of them!

I was getting paid maybe $40 a session, had no idea what my editing style was, and was using JPEG more than I'd like to admit...

Over the years I worked with more and more families, some that ended up coming back year after year cheering me on as I grew. I pushed through the most difficult times, tried different techniques to help me stick out in what feels like a saturated market, and found what really works!

Now I'm obsessed with talking to other photographers about how they can also grow their audience to include their ideal client while growing their income.

"Miranda talks about some of the details that I completely over looked when planning. I love that she opens up and talk about the real issues that we face as creatives!"

- Harriet R